Children’s Act 1989 – Child Arrangements Order


Mr A, a local person was referred from within the Bangladesh community. He required support to gain direct and indirect contact with his young daughter who, following a relationship breakdown, had no contact for over 12 months. The challenges of a limited minimum wage income and a very basic command of English meant that Mr A required support with an application under schedule 8 of the Children’s Act 1989 for contact. He had no entitlement to legal aid due to the 2012 LASPRO Act which reduced legal aid to all those but the most vulnerable.

Mr A was supported with all documentation, McKenzie Friend court attendance through a preliminary hearing and a final hearing, working with CAFCASS and the court supplied translator. Further support was given through administering the resultant order for direct contact and indirect contact through the local YMCA children’s centre in order that all contact was in a safe, comfortable venue that fully respected the development impact upon both father and daughter.

We continue to support Mr A with a further application to vary the original court order following the repair of his marriage and navigating him toward English language study, resulting in the administrative support of his application to become a local taxi driver.




What our clients say....


" During a difficult period in my life I approached Peter at Leges for some guidance. Peter and Leylah were extremely professional as well as personable and gave me the support and clear advice I needed at that time. They helped me navigate the court system and applied their expertise to enable me to regain some structure back into my life for myself and my children. Their patience and counsel gave the professional relationship a ‘personal touch’ helping to emotionally sustain me and giving me a new perspective on how to move forward "



Divorce Proceedings - Financial Dispute Resolution Support


Ms H, a local person who attended our open day in 2019, subsequently suffered domestic and financial abuse, resulting in the irrevocable breakdown of her marriage. Our support extended beyond McKenzie Friend administrative and moral support into support and attendance as a Litigation Friend in the Civil Court defending an application made by her former partner to gain Ms H’s pre-marital asset, her current home for her 4 children. We supported her through developing a ‘working together’ relationship, empowering her to complete all court applications whilst guiding her through the extensive document trail and supporting her within the court system, negotiating an affordable settlement with her former partners representative and finally a consent order finalising matters.




What our clients say.......


" I worked with Peter of Leges when I was going through the family courts.  It was an incredibly anxious and stressful time and the legal terminology was a minefield to a lay person.  Peter took a huge amount of worry off of my shoulders.  I knew if I had a concern I only needed to call him and he would reassure me.  Having someone at the court was also fantastic, To have that sense of support and knowing that Peter was rooting for me was very calming and made me feel much less anxious.  More recently Leylah has helped me to complete some forms and remove the emotion, making them more court friendly.  Her knowledge and support was incredible also.  I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Leges "



Family Law Act 1996 – Non Molestation Order


Miss X was referred by an existing business tenant and attended one of our Friday free consultations. Her relationship with her former partner had ended some years ago but it had recently become increasingly acrimonious and she required guidance after receiving a written threat of harm.

Knowing that her partner held a gun licence and a weapon, she feared for her safety and that of her young son. Immediate action was required  and an application was completed with her for a Non Molestation Order which was lodged into the Family Court within 48 hours, leading to our supporting as a McKenzie Friend and attaining the relevant protection order, revocation of the gun licence and recovery of the weapon. We continue to support Miss X as the order requires renewal of protection.




What our clients say......


" I simply couldn’t have done this without Leylah and Peter at Leges "


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